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My name is Aliki Ammerman, and I write books for children. I write what I know best and love the most: stories about Greece.


When I don’t write, I read. When I don’t read, I garden: I plant flowers and vegetables; dig, prune, or water olive trees; and, generally act like a hardy farmer.


I studied English Literature and Greek Archeology at the University of Athens, and hold a Master’s degree in Library Science from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. I worked in the libraries of the American Community Schools in Athens, where I developed educational materials for teaching Greek culture to students of over 45 nationalities.


I wrote the workbook guide “Let’s go to the Acropolis” to prepare our 5th graders for their fieldtrip to the site. Whereas the guide “Let’s go to Delphi” was written by “popular demand”... seriously!


The book “I learn about Greece” started as a bare-bones timeline to help elementary students understand the different ages of Greek history— but somewhere along the line, it got out of hand...


The “Smart kid’s research skills” came out of the hundreds of work pages I designed to teach elementary school children, when I was a librarian. It worked well with them, and I hope it can still be useful.


I translated nine children’s books, which were published by Turtle Publications in Athens. Five of them were written by Pavlos Valassakis, an author/illustrator who has received the Greek Academy Award. You can read them online at http://www.childrenslibrary.org/


Some of my articles have been published in US and international magazines.


For a list of my published work click here.


I live in Athens with my husband Chip, Kimon the dog, and our cats Tony, and Cleo. But I spend much of my time in a small village by the sea, tending olive trees like this one below.





























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Rounded Rectangle:



The story of Pegasus


The flight of Icarus


Alexander the Great


The story of Perseus


Stories from Homer


Gulliver’s travels


Robinson Crusoe


Treasure island


King Arthur and the knights

of the round table

Magazine articles


The Peloponnesian War:





An olive grove at last.


Olive tree growers? Yes by



The caretta caretta:

what kind of name is that?

Workbook Guides about



Let’s go to the Acropolis


ÐáéäéÜ ðÜìå óôçí Áêñüðïëç;


Let’s go to Delphi


Let’s go to Olympia


Let’s learn about Greece



...and an odd one!


The smart kid’s research skills


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Sometimes I do some volunteer work, when something strikes my fancy.


I was the Regional Advisor for the Greek chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators from 2003 till January 2008. For more information on SCBWI visit www.scbwi.org


Some of my volunteer work involved scanning sixteen books by Greek author/illustrator Pavlos Valassakis so they could be included in the collection of the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)


Not familiar with ICDL? Read on!


The College of Information Studies of the University of Maryland has launched a project that will make books available online to children around the world. At least 100 languages will be represented in this digital library. Titles are selected because they reflect similarities and differences among peoples and cultures, and promote tolerance and understanding. The books are presented exactly as they appear in their printed form and in their original language. Translations of a book in other languages are also welcome. The creation and maintenance of this library occupies a team of specialists who work at the University of Maryland. But a lot of the work is done by volunteers from all over the world: they contact authors and publishers in their countries, scan and contribute books, translate bibliographical data, and may even translate books. In fact, the project staff depends on, and welcomes, volunteers.


So authors of the world take notice. Become volunteers by contributing your book(s) to ICDL.


What’s in it for you?


You will not get money; but your books will reach children and their parents around the world, in places where they may not be for sale; your work will get global exposure, which in turn may generate interest in translation, reprinting, or co-production. For more information on this project, visit the International Children’s Digital Library site at www.childrenslibrary.org




Aliki Ammerman


Pigis Afroditis 3, Melissia 151 27,

Athens, Greece