Let's go to Delphi

A workbook guide for young travelers


By Aliki Ammerman



Why do millions of people visit Delphi every year?

Not to consult the Oracle, like they did in ancient times, but to see the place that controlled the fortunes of individuals and states alike.


Delphi was the center of religious and political power for several centuries. Through the issuing of prophesies, the priests in Apollos sanctuary influenced state decisions about many issues, from waging war, to starting a new colony. People would travel for days to ask the oracle for advice about marriage, business ventures, you name it.


Delphi was lost for some 1000 years, and when it was excavated in 1893, it was hard to imagine what it looked like in its heyday.


It still is.


Nevertheless, the sanctuary is impressive, even today. The mystery is hanging in the air, and the number of visitors attests to the powerful attraction this place still has.


Many of these visitors travel with their family.


Some of them travel in groups, and they follow their guide who explains what they see. Others prefer a slower pace: they buy a book to get them through the site.


But here's the problem:


The glossy guidebooks with their superb pictures, maps, and charts, are all written for adults. What can the kids do?


Now you can find a guide to Delphi, specifically written for children of the upper elementary grades.


It's actually a workbook that comes to fill a gap in the vast literature on the subject. And, it's available in electronic form. It can be mailed to your inbox within 24 hours from payment. You don't have to go looking for it in niche and specialty stores. And if you did, you would not find it anything like it. Simply download it in your computer, print it, and bind it to make it easy for you to use.


It's presented to you, the traveler with children. Here it is:




















So, have a head start.


Prepare your children for their trip to Delphi, before you get there. Give them a copy of Let's go to Delphi, the only workbook guide available in the English language.


This book will:


üexcite their curiosity and hold their interest in the monuments

ügive them the information they need to understand what they see

üencourage them to be active learners by completing the hands-on activities included in the guide



Let's go to Delphi


A quick guide that answers many questions, and gives meaning to the site. Here the kids can read all they need to know about the myths, history, and monuments of Delphi.


Take it with you, to make their visit useful and pleasant and not just a hot and grueling experience.


The guide includes:


]The myths connected with Parnassos Mt. and Delphi

]A short history of Delphi

]A short description of the ruins

]Information about the Oracle

]A visit to the Museum

]Time line

]Who's who

]Various types of activities

]64 pages

]Ages 9-12


Look at these sample pages:




















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Aliki Ammerman's guides, through short but informative texts and activities, make the Acropolis and Delphi attractive destinations for children. Adults, too, can refresh their knowledge and enjoy Aliki's excellent work, which she did with love and care. We are waiting for more.

Lily Mavrokefalou, author, Athens

Let's go to Delphi

64 pages

Our children, ages 9 and 11, really enjoyed this guide and learned a lot from it. We spent more time in the museum than we planned, because they wanted to find the objects from the guide. Thank you! A really great work that was needed.

Peggy Robinson, CT

The workbook-guide to Delphi is packed with the kind of information no child would attempt to research. The activities, timelines, colorful site maps, plus the thorough Who's Who section make it a valuable source for any child who visits Delphi, or needs quick facts for a school report.

Gus Pappas, NY

Wow! What a great accomplishment with your e-books! Congratulations, Aliki, for a job well done. I'll spread the word about your site and look forward to your future works as well.

Jane Mantarakis, first grade teacher, ACS, Greece

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People who bought the Delphi guide said:

I really liked the Lets Go to Greece book I ordered from you earlier this week so I ordered Lets go to Delphi as well.

Thanks a lot!


I'm so glad I found your books- I am sure they are going to help make our trip to learn more about the Classical world, more interesting. and more educational.

Jill Walsh, California