Let's go to the Acropolis

A workbook guide for young travelers


By Aliki Ammerman



Did you know that millions of people visit the Acropolis of Athens every year?

Go there on a Sunday morning, and you will find it hard to see the ruins for the number of people.


Many of these people travel with their family.


Some of them travel in groups, and they follow their guide who explains what they see.

Others buy a book to get them through the site.


But here's the problem:


The glossy guidebooks with their superb pictures, maps, and charts, are all written for adults.

What can the kids do?


Now you can find a guide to the Acropolis of Athens, specifically written for children of the upper elementary grades.


It's actually a workbook that comes to fill a gap in the vast literature on the subject. And, it's available in electronic form. It can be mailed to your inbox within 24 hours from payment.

You don't have to go looking for it in niche and specialty stores.

Simply download it in your computer, print it, and bind it to make it easy for you to use.


It's presented to you, the traveler with children. Here it is:

















So, have a head start.


Prepare your children for their trip to the Acropolis of Athens, before you get there. Give them

a copy of Let's go to the Acropolis, the only workbook guide available in the English language.


This book will:


üexcite their curiosity and hold their interest in the monuments

ügive them the information they need to understand what they see

üencourage them to be active learners by completing the hands-on activities included after

'' each chapter


Let's go to the Acropolis


A quick guide that answers many questions, and gives meaning to the site.

Here the kids can read all they need to know about the myths and history of the Acropolis.


Take it with you, to make their visit easy and pleasant and not just a hot and grueling experience.


The guide includes:


]The story of the contest between Athena and Poseidon

]A short history of the Acropolis, and Athens

]A short history of each temple

]Time line

]Who's who

]Drawings to color

]Various types of activities after each chapter

]45 pages

]Ages 9-12


Look at these sample pages:






















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Not coming to Greece?

You can still use this guide as a resource for

a school report or paper on the Acropolis.

People who bought the Acropolis guide said:

Let's go to the Acropolis

45 pages

This short guide for children, written by Aliki Ammerman, is a must for families or teachers who want to visit the Acropolis. It's packed with historical information and includes more than 18 activities to hold any child's interest during his visit. A time line, Who's Who, and bibliography complete the book.

We used this guide as a textbook for our fieldtrip to the Acropolis for many years. Our students learned the basic facts, and enjoyed the activities. We became scholars and not just 'tourists.' This revised edition continues to be child-friendly, comfortable, and accessible.

Cheryl Makris, former fifth grade teacher, American Community Schools of Athens, Greece.

Let's go to the Acropolis is an eye-catching guide for young students and their teachers alike. Many who visit the Acropolis have no real idea what they are looking at. This user-friendly guide sheds light on ancient Athens and brings the columns, carvings, and temples to life.

Matthew Plain, sixth and seventh grade teacher, International College, Beirut, Lebanon.

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Aliki Ammerman's guides, through short but informative texts and activities, make the Acropolis and Delphi attractive destinations for children. Adults, too, can refresh their knowledge and enjoy Aliki's excellent work, which she did with love and care. We are waiting for more.

Lily Mavrokefalou, author,

Athens, Greece

Thanks for letting me know about your book I just bought one! It looks perfect for my upcoming trip.

Brian Karas, book illustrator, New York

What a wonderful book! We'll be going to Athens in a week or so, and really want to engage our 11 year old-- ancient Greece is part of her 6th grade curriculum for the coming year. I've enjoyed reading the book, thanks for making history more accessible for kids.

Peggy Aoki, California

Your book is wonderful and very helpful in putting everything into perspective for an 11 year old.

Mary Donaldson, Scottsdale, AZ

I really liked your book a lot. It was a lot of help for me understanding my project.'

'...your book made sense of all the information that I have been reading from the encyclopedia and internet sites.'' 'I really meant what I said, your book was a big help in learning about the Acropolis.

Kevin Donaldson, age 11

Scottsdale, AZ

It looks great!!! I will use this to teach my kids in advance about Athens, I believe this will make the experience more interesting and valuable to them. It is great to see kids' books written about historical places.

Lydia Stevenson, Poland

We had a fabulous time in Greece and really loved taking our "Let's Go" book to the Acropolis with us. Our group of friends hired a guide, but it was hard to hear her among the crowds, and since we had already read thru the book with our daughter, she was excited to look for the things she remembered (Athena's olive tree, especially). Your book made our day trip to the Acropolis especially memorable! I hope you do one for Ancient Olympia sometime, too!

Peggy Aoki, California

This is great! My children and I are very excited to be visiting Greece for the first time, and your book will be a very helpful and entertaining resource.

Kathleen Kartsonis, NJ, USA

Wow! What a great accomplishment with your e-books! Congratulations, Aliki, for a job well done. I'll spread the word about your site and look forward to your future works as well.

Jane Mantarakis, first grade teacher, ACS, Greece

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